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Recruitment Drive: Company Policies


Published July 30th 2013
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 About the Book 

Themes: Hypnosis, Mind Control, BrainwashingA Doctor Goodmans Practice StoryDoctor Oswald Goodman, Board Certified Psychotherapist and Licensed Hypnotist. That was what the card Karen read said, in small, unassuming text. Hed just moved to the area, and was looking to set up a new practice. A chance encounter brought the two of them together, and ended up changing Karens life, and more importantly her mind, forever.After their little chat the day before, Karens eager to show up to her first real day at work. Still, Doctor Goodman has more than a few plans remaining. For one, hes as flat broke as she is. If only he could figure out some sort of payment plan that wouldnt involve giving her actual money.Note: This is an adult tale, containing graphic descriptions of sexual scenes, and a story of a young coeds brain being slowly conditioned to be willing and eager to accept her new employers sexual advances.Focus on Hypnosis: This story gets back to the basics of erotic hypnosis, focusing heavily on the hypnotic aspects. There arent any mind control ray guns, entrancing devices, magic, or other shortcuts here, just old fashioned hypnosis, trances and triggers.Book Two, Company Policies, continues the story of how Doctor Goodman started his practice, with the willingly unwilling help of his new receptionist Karen.Approx 7,800 words.Excerpt:“Good. Does this sensation make you feel horny?”“Yes. A little.”“You like feeling horny.” He made it clear he wasn’t asking.She paused. “I like feeling horny.”“You like feeling horny.” He said it again, this time with even more force.“I like feeling horny.” She had much less hesitation.“You want to feel horny.”“I want to feel horny.”He could tell he was wearing down her resistance, she was fighting back even less.“Your uniform makes you look sexy.”She nodded. “My uniform makes me look sexy.”He knew that one would take immediately, as it was just refreshing what he’d told her the day before.“And when you look sexy, you feel sexy.”‘When I look sexy, I feel sexy.”“When you feel sexy, you feel horny.”“When I feel sexy, I feel horny.”Her hands started to drift to her chest, and he watched as this time she was actually rubbing her nipples. He smiled, she was perfectly on track.