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Transparency: Stories Frances Hwang

Transparency: Stories

Frances Hwang

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

**What is good about it?**Her grammar, spelling, and sentence structure were very well done. Kudos to Team Roth.Mandy weaves a kinky tale with this one. The is the most intense erotica I have read from her to date. If vanilla sex is for you, you might skip this one. This was one of her more twisted tales in you really didn’t know where she was going to go with it. Kinda dark and macabre in the beginning I wasn’t sure where she was going to go with it which made it that much more appealing.**What doesnt work?**While this is published as a standalone book, I was very happy with the tale...until the epilogue. What a downer with this last chapter! It was going so well then BAM! So many questions left unanswered and the story just stopped in a weird place. Why tell this tale of these two strong people that are supposed to change the world of paranormals and then what? Did they move, without incident? Did they counsil come after them? Why where the Romani not still in hiding, or were they? Did they overcome their demons? What about future children? How did they change the paranormal world? What happened to William? Did they share again?**Summary**Overall it was a quick read that kept me engrossed with suspense and hot erotica. I would rate this a C- only because the ending was so abrupt and didn’t tie it up enough for me. I hope she revisits this one to either clear it up or make it a series.As a voracious reader, I usually read books that take 3-12 hrs (300+ pages) to so it seemed very short to me, not that it is a deterrent. It seemed appropriately priced similar to other books of this genre and length (kindle version).-----My STARS ratings scale: 5. Excellent, 4. Good enough that Id probably read it again, 3. Entertaining but it wasnt compelling/engaging/complicated enough for me read it again, 2. Some parts were ok but Im irritated by some of its problems 1. Just badReading Speed: 1 hr 15 min