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The Lilies On Top John Gillane

The Lilies On Top

John Gillane

Published October 22nd 2013
Kindle Edition
220 pages
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 About the Book 

Tony Pollock is a village doctor with a sixteen year old son, Paul.When Fee, the mother, dies, the two have to adjust to an entirely new life without her.The Lilies on Top is the story of how father and son deal with the different aspects of this new life, trying to move on but forever looking back. The problems they have with the domestic life which had always been organised for them are met one by one and gradually overcome. But when Tony meets Janet, a much younger shop assistant, and then Liz, the attractive widowed mother of one of Pauls school friends, tensions arise, especially when Paul also gets involved with his first girlfriend, Helen. The dilemmas and bewilderment, sadness and joy they both go through, before adjusting to their new life and going forward, reflect the experiences of many and make a compelling story.