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Mildred Ryan Sean OReilly


Ryan Sean OReilly

Published in 2014

The short story Mildred has a tone and plot that is reminiscent of a Stephen King story. Certainly, OReilly could have stretched this 42 page short story (novelette) out a bit more l...Read full review

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(A novelette of suspenseful fiction)

BY: Ryan Seann OReilly

Ryan Seann OReillys novelette Mildred is a suspense filled story that revolves around an old house and a secret diary.

Realtor Denise had asked her niece Josephine to apply for a mortgage on a h...Read full review

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 About the Book 

A diary, noises from the attic, a resident cat, and piles and piles and piles of boxes cast shadows over Josephine as she digs through her new home and discovers the disturbing circumstances surrounding her purchase of the place.