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Venezia domani Štěpán Zavřel

Venezia domani

Štěpán Zavřel

ISBN : 9788885762251
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Štěpán Zavřel was born in Prague in 1932, yet he lived in Rugolo di Sàrmede from 1968 until the day he passed away in February 1999.He was one of the most important and representative illustrators of the European arena in the last thirty years.A versatile artist with an extraordinary inventive skill, architecture, decoration, scenography and creating frescoes which even today still adorn the streets of Sàrmede. He co-conceived the idea for the Le immagini della fantasia Exhibition and founded the International School of Illustration- Štěpán Zavřel dedicated his whole life to art and illustration leaving behind him a wealth of creativity which even today continues to generate new ideas and projects.